Top Minnesota Real Estate Headlines Of The Week

Top Minnesota Real Estate Headlines Of The Week

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Here’s the latest real estate news around Minnesota of interest to property buyers, home sellers, renters, landlords, property managers and the generally home-curious.

TransUnion: Mortgage delinquencies reach lowest level since recession. The serious mortgage delinquency rate decreased in the final quarter of 2017 to the lowest point since the great recession, according to TransUnion’s Q4 2017 Industry Insights Report.

Minnesota ranked as having best average credit rating in nation. The consumer and business credit rating agency Experian said in its State of Credit report for 2017 that Minnesotans have the highest credit scores in the country.

Minnesota property-tax prepayers who gambled on 2017 deduction sit in limbo. Statewide, property owners made a collective gamble totaling approximately $400 million in early payments. Two months later, the state Department of Revenue and Internal Revenue Service still haven’t determined if the taxpayers are entitled to the potential tax savings.

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Inclusionary zoning: Will Minneapolis see it this year? The issue is inclusionary zoning, imposing rules that would require developers to set aside some units for affordable housing or offer incentives to get developers to participate voluntarily. And now, partly because of that 2017 election, it could be coming to Minneapolis sometime this year.

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