Top Minnesota Real Estate Headlines For 2017

Top Minnesota Real Estate Headlines For 2017

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Here’s our roundup of the year’s top real estate news of interest to property buyers, home sellers, renters, landlords, property managers and the generally home-curious.

Rising rents and declining wages making Minnesota housing unaffordable (March). The State of the State Housing 2017 report, released March 13, found that from 2000 to 2015, rent has seen a 9 percent increase, while income has seen an 11 percent decline statewide.

University Of Minnesota Students List Difficult Landlords (November). The issue of difficult, uncooperative landlords was a key topic of discussion at the University of Minnesota’s student association earlier this spring.

3 Crucial Reasons You Should Buy a Home Before 2017 Ends (January). If you haven’t jumped aboard the real estate train, you still have a few days.

Seller’s market: Experts predict home prices will just keep rising (May). A report released earlier this year showed home prices kept rising at their fastest pace in almost three years and, according to experts then, that’s not going to stop anytime soon.

12 Reasons Why Rental Properties Are the Best Investment. Sure, flipping and wholesaling properties might be fun, but with rental properties, dollars will roll in whether you get out of bed in the morning or not.

Here’s our top real estate tips for 2017: 8 Popular Tips That Cost Homeowners More in the Long Run. Here are eight tips (myths, really) that most people believe are good advice, but instead will cost you cash you don’t need to spend. Out With the Old: The 10 Tired Interior Design Trends You Need to Ditch in 2018. The top interior design trends we won’t miss in the new year. BONUS: Download our FREE ebook on “7 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value For Under $150”.

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