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We were able to close on a property yesterday where the seller truly needed our help. He needed to close in 2.5 weeks and we got it done. Hear his take on the experience.#housebuyer #minnesotastatefair #realestatesales #happyseller

Posted by Ideal Equity Group LLC on Thursday, August 30, 2018

Jason Vickle, Seller from Crystal Minnesota


Regarding working with Matt Haskins and Ideal Equity Group; as a professional engineer working in real estate, Matt has a unique skill set that lends itself well to landholding projects. He’s able to simplify projects into clear and attainable goals. Number projections and accounting are intuitive for him. Candidly, Matt manages his time and money as efficiently as anyone I know. He’s a pleasure to be around, and I have very high expectations for the success of Matt and Ideal Equity Group. I am enthusiastically watching this young company grow and very much looking forward to investing in the future.

Jason Vee President, Jason Vee Consulting

I have enjoyed working with Matt in a consulting setting for part of my professional career. Matt, has been an exceptional source of knowledge whenever I contact him to bounce ideas and concepts off each other.
I appreciate Matt’s ethics, and have come to greatly respect his determination when trying to find solutions and solve problems in everyday work situations. At the end of the day, he puts in the extra time to research and study the problematic issues so he can apply them in future situations.

Adam Siemers – Accountant

Matt has been a pivotal member of the Arrow Tank and Engineering organization. His motivation and determination to complete projects and increase productivity has been key to the newly integrated manufacturing and marketing process. An uncanny ability to see outside the box has allowed our company new opportunities for growth which were previously overlooked. His organizational skills, along with the assimilation of our network capabilities, has shown to be a driving force in the streamlining of the organizations information and documentation capabilities.

It amazes me the amount of time and effort Matt has exuded to both our organization as well as Ideal Equity Group. His resolve to ensure that success is inevitable is unparalleled to anything I have seen. Along with his personal drive for achievement he has also went above and beyond to educate himself within the industry. His perseverance to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry will give him a maximal advantage in his future endeavors.

Tony Windsperger- Sales Associate at Arrow Tank and Engineering

Having worked with Matthew for 3 years I can say that he has an excellent work ethic and is willing to go the extra mile to get any job done right. He was always willing to put in the extra time to make sure a task was completed before a deadline or to ensure a project was running smoothly. He is a hard working and honest person, who will get right to the point and tackle any problem head on.

Matthew is very professional and has the people skills to work with anyone, but also has the knowledge to backup what he says. We had a great working relationship and I would attribute much of that to Matthew’s communication skills. He was always very easy to work with and always had a positive attitude. With his skill set and overall attitude I have no doubt that Matthew will succeed in any endeavor he embarks on.

Matthew Hassler – Product Development Engineer at E-Tech, Inc

I have been working with Matt Haskins and the Ideal Equity Group for many months on finding and securing an investment property. Matt has always been nothing but professional and a joy to work with. He has certainly displayed the tenacity and toughness that it takes to be a successful real estate investor. I am very happy to be working with him and truly cherish not only our business relationship but our friendship as well!

Justin Culley – Bridge Realty

I have worked with Matt on the purchase, management and repair of a property in the Twin Cities metro area. Matt is an honest person who cares about doing what is right in the eyes of everyone he works with. Matt’s strength lies in his ability to communicate effectively and to organize complicated processes so they can be better understood. When it comes to problem solving, he has a knack for taking broad approaches in each situation to come up with creative solutions.

Matt’s professional and personal life have been focused on develop lasting relationships, not simply one transaction or quick-win. Matt is very motivated to grow sustainable business practices that current and future clients can depend on.

Eric Simmons – School Administrator at Princeton Public Schools


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